Friday, May 31, 2013

Too Sensitive? (An Anti-Poem)

I am sensitive.
I've always been this way.
I am sensitive.
It gets harder every day.
Don't tell me I'm weak because I cry when I watch the news.
Tell me I'm strong because I survived the pain of a thousand deaths and the grief of the loved ones left behind.
Don't tell me to smile more because my sadness depresses you.
Tell me you're proud of me for being able to live in this world and still have a smile.
Don't tell me I'm crazy because I like to dance in the rain.
Join me in the delight of savoring the good things that seem small.
I know what it feels like to live in constant pain, but I also know the ecstasy of singing in the rain.
So, while this "poem" might bring out the "crazy" OCD in you all,
I can't help but wonder what this world would be like,
if we all cried when we watched the news.
I am sensitive.
I get stronger by the mile.
I am sensitive.
I am proud of every tear.
I am sensitive.
I delight in every smile.
I am sensitive.
Please take time to hold me near.
See, I can rhyme, too.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!
With much love to you all,
Mother Tory

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