Sunday, June 26, 2016

Life On Earth

Living on this planet has taught me not to believe humans and not to trust animals.

Maybe I should live amongst the plants.

I don't expect them to care about me any more than the animals do, but they're not going to let me down, either.

That's just it, though, isn't it?

I trust the plants because I have no expectations of them.

They are never going to convince me that they have plans and then not follow through.
They are never going to tell me they love me and then leave me alone.
They are never going to act like they care and then hurt me.

They're plants.  They don't care about anything but surviving as best they can.

My mistake was believing that people were more than that.

I'm no better than anyone else.  I've done all these things, too.

I'm human.

However, I also know that I am capable of more/doing better and desire to do more/be better.

The pain only comes when I expect others to not only want to do more but be willing to put effort towards it, as well.

Anyone can say they'll be there for you, but how many are actually going to show up?

I'm willing to bet that, if I died today, there'd be more flowers than true friends at my funeral.

I think it's time I gave up all expectations, just go with the flow and take care of me.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Speak Less of Your Plans - You Will Get More of Them Done

Hello, Beautiful Soul!

Today's topic is a difficult one for me.

Have you ever had an epiphany about where you wanted to go in life and shouted it from the rooftops, only to find a few weeks later that you'd completely forgotten about or given up on it?

That's me... on repeat.


Believe it or not, that sage piece of advice came to me in a fortune cookie.  I just sat there contemplating it for awhile, the timeliness.  I was at the beginning of one of those life epiphanies right at that moment and this ran so contrary to my nature.  To make it worse, I was with the people I most enjoying sharing with as I was reading it.

What was I to do?

I was sitting there, facing them, the compulsion to let loose spilling over like a boiling tea kettle.

I will admit that I spilled a few drops on them, just to relieve a little pressure.

For the most part, though, I managed to contain myself.

Just in case you were wondering, I'm not going to tell you my plans, either.  Yes, that's how much better I'm doing this time.

I've found that keeping more things to myself actually makes life easier in many ways.  My friends, especially, seem to appreciate not being spewed on.

As far as work goes, I'm getting a lot more done and staying more focused.  Being able to take breaks whenever I want without feeling guilty to anyone but myself because I'm the only one who knows what I'm "supposed" to be doing is so liberating.  I'm actually choosing to work more... and on my original plans to boot!

I share this tiny story in hopes that it will help others who find it difficult to stay focused and motivated.  If you, like I, ascribed to the belief that telling people your plans would keep you accountable only to later be called a failure over and over, try holding it in.

Just once.

I could share the psychology behind this condition, but it won't make you feel better.  Suffice to say that it has something to do with internal beliefs about oneself.

Change your script and see the magic.

Much love,

Mother Tory