Sunday, January 4, 2015

Are you lucky?

I'd like to start by saying that this topic was not my idea.  It was suggested to me by a friend that found some money unexpectedly.

Was he just lucky?

Not to downplay his experience, but I don't believe in luck.  Not really.

I used to.

I used to think I was the luckiest person in the world because I got everything I really wanted.  It just came unexpectedly, after I stopped obsessing about it.

And then one day it just went away.

I thought I'd lost my good luck.

Recently, however, I realized that this was not the case.  I'd simply misplaced it.

You see, I had stopped thinking about what I wanted.  I was doing my best to be a good mother and girlfriend and, instead of wanting things for myself, I was doing my damnedest to get what everyone else wanted.

And I was succeeding.

Bring it on, baby!  I'm back!

Have a "lucky" day!

Much love,

Tory Ann

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