Thursday, May 4, 2017

How To Speak Wealth Into Being

These prosperity affirmations are not mine.  I learned them listening to Catherine Ponder.  I put them down here as easy reference.  I will embed the video below.

1.  I get definite about prosperity so prosperity can get definite about me.

2.  My words are charged with prospering power.

3.  I have a large, steady, dependable, permanent financial income now.  Everyday, in every way, I am growing more and more financially prosperous now.

4.  I give thanks for quick and substantial increase in my financial income now.

5.  Large sums of money and rich appropriate gifts now come to me, under grace, in perfect ways, for my personal use and I use them wisely.

6.  Everything and everybody prospers me now and I prosper everything and everybody now.

7.  I now work financial wonders in my life with prosperity affirmations.

8.  I praise my wealth now.  I praise my financial affairs now.

9.  Words of praise will pay the bills.  Words of praise prosper me now.

Your chosen statements are to be repeated daily, a few times a day for best effectiveness.

Thank you, Ms. Ponder!

Friday, February 10, 2017


I realized recently that no one has asked me what my religion is in a very long time.  I think it's because my lifestyle makes it look like I have none to the people in my community.  I have noticed that, when asked, most of the people around me claim Christianity despite having no outward clues of having any spiritual beliefs whatsoever, even in conversation.

Why do you suppose people claim faith that they clearly don't live by?

Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Practice of Detachment

Detachment is, in my opinion, the art of loving everything and everyone but not caring about the who, what, when, where, why, or how. 

In my personal practice of detachment, I can describe it as being a LOT like being severely depressed (you know, at that point where you don't care about ANYTHING), but completely happy.  Blissfully so, even.

I have six children.  For most of their lives I've felt like they were mine, they belonged to me.  I started to realize that they were actually separate beings from me when I was forced to start giving them up (one due to divorce and two due to them moving out when they were grown) and none of us died.  Now I accept that, even though I'm important to them, I'm not vital to them.

So I've gotten to a point now that I'm choosing to rid myself of belongings that I don't need and am only hanging onto for sentimental reasons.  It's really been so freeing.  The fewer things I "own", the less scared I am of losing things.  The less scared I become, the more fulfilled and happy I am.  It's truly amazing.