Sunday, June 2, 2013

One - Divine - Truth - Love - ALL

ALL is Well.

There is no Good.

There is no Evil.

There is no Start.

There is no Done.

There is no Beginning.

There is no End.

There is no Right.

There is no Wrong.

There is no Life.

There is no Death.

Duality is an illusion strengthened by belief.

You cannot embrace one without believing in the other., therefore, when you embrace one you give strength to the other.

Give up your belief in Good, and Evil disappears.

All is as it should be, when it should be, and how it should be.

To disbelieve this is to believe that Divinity makes mistakes.

Accept.  Appreciate.  ALL is One.  ALL is Divine.

Divine is Truth.  Truth is Love.  Love is Divine.

One Divine Truth Love ALL

This message came to me in a moment of awareness and clarity.  I know it is difficult to accept when someone you love does something that rises anger or sadness in you, nearly impossible when murderers and rapists are brought into the picture.  There it is, though.  We cannot have a truly loving world until we truly love the world JUST AS IT IS and truly love ourselves JUST AS WE ARE.  Because we are a piece of the One Divine True ALL.

With much love for you,

Mother Tory

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